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Ревью альбома "Spirit" от www.metal-observer.com (Английский язык) (25/08/06)

"I am a Helvetian" – that is the message the nine (!) Swiss of ELUVEITIE convey with their band name and as the least of you most probably are fluent in Gaelic, now you know it! Enough language course, who or what are ELUVEITIE Founded in 2003 they play some sort of Celtic Pagan Death Folk Metal. Yes, one hell of a description, but the guys and girl compute a whole whack of different influences.

Besides the regular instruments you normally find in Metal, we also get mandolin, tin whistle, low whistle, uilleann pipes, bodhran, Irish flute, gaita, hurdy-gurdy and violin, that along already is a pretty good hint that ELUVEITIE don’t play the very usual Metal, but concoct a mixture that grips you and completely stands on its own (and coincidentally fully hits my tastes on top of that).

The intro "Spirit" alone already sets itself apart from the legions of non-descript intros, with bagpipe, drums, vocals, so basically Folk Metal with medieval flair. Then comes "Uis Elveti", a primordial stomper, setting out with alphorn and accordion, then seeing more support by the bagflutes, while Chrigel Glanzmann lends his harsh voice, before the chorus slows down, with flute and choir, while in the middle section of the song they step flat on the pedal and speed things up considerably, an absolutely great song!

"Your Gaulish War" is a great mix of flutes, Death Metal rhythm, harsh vocals, crunchy double-bass and a flute solo and in crass contrast to that "Aidu" is very dense and atmospheric, with female vocals, flute, hurdy-gurdy and mouthharp, also great! Did you always want to hear double-bass driven Metal with lead flute? Then "The Song Of Life" is exactly what you want and after that, too, ELUVEITIE consequently pull through with their thing and on a level that it is pure bliss to listen to it.

Any points of criticism? Yes, for one the production, which is not 100%, with a bit more clarity and power they could flatten the Alps with this album, like this there is some energy and probably also some details missing. And a few of the tracks also don’t fully ignite like others, such as "...Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom", even though they still are far from bad.

Live ELUVEITIE surely are a blast, but also on disc I can only fully recommend "Spirit" to anybody, likes it folky, powerful, crunchy and original! (Online August 25, 2006)

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