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Ревью альбома "Spirit" от Vikingblood (Английский язык) (04/08/06)

Finally, the first full-length album from Eluveitie with a helvetian culture theme. With a nice and great opener it sounds great. The 8 bandmembers have put together the album "Spirit" and with great success.

Their demo from 3 years ago was a nice one already, although the sound wasn't that good. Of course with the new album the band has done everything to improve this sound, since recording a lot of instruments at the same time is a hell of a job.

So, to cut a long story short, the sound is great, the design and cover has came out well and my conclusion is that Spirit in the folk and pagan metal scene will rank very high and is defenatly a must-have for fans of this type of metal.

93 / 100 points

Baardhammer / www.vikingblood.net

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