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Ревью альбома "VEN" от Mordor Magazine (Английский язык) (12/11/03)

Yes, this cd provides a lot of pleasure, and therewith fully lives up to its title "Vn", which translated also means "Gaulish joy". Eluveitie are a Pagan Metal band from Switzerland, and these boys are masters of their craft. No lightweight stuff this, but five very demanding and atmospheric pagan Metal songs are created that take one on a journey into the past. Also very well produced, these songs offer everything you expect from a Pagan Metal band. That includes the typical melodies and rhythms of the songs, but also idyllic sounds like wind and rain. Moreover, the 10(!) musicians play numerous medieval instruments, so that one can justly claim that "Vn" is a little gem. Simply put, every musician is master of his instrument and the band plays well together. In addition to all that, the song material is quite diverse, from sensitive passages to wild blasting attacks, one finds everything here that pleases the Metal fans heart. The songs sound rather different and never get boring, because there are just way too many good, expressive riffs offered for that. Theres no way around this album for whoever is interested in Pagan Metal, because Eluveitie already belong to the big Pagan Metal bands, and I hope that they will walk on on this path. Because here, they are exactly right!

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