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Ревью альбома "VEN" от Dunkelsphaer (Английский язык) (15/10/03)

Fast as the wind Eluveities package with their first release "Vn" arrived. Its about a MCD with six tracks. The cover artworks appealing and professional - it already provides an indication of the musical direction of the band. This one could be described as Pagan Metal with heavy influences of celtic folkmusic. Listening to "Vn" for the first time, I was fascinated about what I was hearing. The quality of sound is first class and Eluveities music very manifold. The ten Helvetians dont only play with the common Metal instruments, but use historical ones like the Helvetic Bagpipe, Irish Flutes or Fiddles and so on. On "Vn" we even have two guest musicians additionally, who enricht the album with the sounds of Alphorn and Accordeon. My personal favorites are "DVrit Agge DBitu" (Track 1) and "Uis Elveti" (Track 2). The first track - which is a kind of an intro - comes very atmospheric and prepares the ground for the following songs. Its completely penned in the ancient gaulish language and has its roots in celtic druidism. The second song "Uis Elveti" - with its fiddles, whistles and guitars - puts the listener straight into a primordial celtic donnybrook fair.... in the middle of a forests clearing... with a large crowd, singing and dancing round a bonfire. As well all the other tracks are weaved after that principle and all of them are really catchy. The CD contains two gaulish songs, two english ones and two instrumentals. The vocals range from grunting screams to clean vocals up to susurrations and ceremonial chants. This album is really felicitous and theres not just one unsound song. With their mixture of Folk music and Metal Eluveitie vary ably between brutal passages and mystical Tunes, which let you immerge into a world of myths and fairytales.

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