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Ревью альбома "VEN" от Metalmarch (Английский язык) (02/01/04)

Ah, hearing this band takes me back... Many of us like to wonder now and then how it would be if we were born in different times, has that ever happened to you? Sure it has! Sometimes I picture myself living in the ancient times, just sitting with my friends around a fire somewhere in the middle of the woods, just drinking and chanting celtic melodies. Its not like Id rather live in those very own particular moments (unless I had my CD collection and my Playstation with me, of course), but it sure feels nice to have that dream now and then. But enough about that, lets talk about Eluveitie. They are a Swiss Pagan Metal band formed with the amazing number of ten elements. Now let me tell you that these guys are very ambitious with this project, and they probably had a lot of extra hard work to achieve all this. I mean, not only they are able to get many of their history in their lyrics, but they also do it quite well! And not just with the lyrics but with the music too. Dont find strange if you cant understand the names of the songs as their are written in Gaulish, a reconstructed form of the early Celtic language spoken by the Helvetians. The name of the band itself (Eluveitie) means "I am the Helvetian" in the ancient Gaulish language. Well, you can read all about that in the bands biography. As for the music, this is Pagan Metal at its best! If that isnt enough to describe the music of this Swiss band, expect some kind of mix between Folk, Death and even some Black Metal. You know those bands which have Death Metal as their main music genre but with many Folk parts? Well, Eluveitie are exactly the other way around. Anyway, they consider themselves to be a Pagan Metal band, so lets just leave it that way because it suits them well. You must be thinking, what the hell does a band need ten people for and what are they all doing here? Well, since there are just too many band members and instruments to assign to each one of them, Ill just say that everything fits very well together, so dont worry too much about it. If you know a little something about Pagan/Folk Metal you probably already know what other instruments (besides the usual guitars, bass and drums) to expect, like flutes, violins, pipes and whistles, to name a few. It almost seems like each of Eluveities songs has a story to tell, and youll definitely feel that if you are in the mood for it. I was lucky enough to get a copy of "Vn", since its limited to 500 copies, but I also have good news regarding that matter because the band got signed not too long ago by Dutch label Fear Dark, and they will re-release this album again still this year, I think. Feel like taking a journey through Celtic times? Then Eluveitie are definitely the band for you!

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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