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Ревью альбома "VEN" от Schwarzmetall (Английский язык) (01/11/03)

Since I first heard of Eluveitie a few months ago, I was incredibly eager to hear the first release from this Swiss group. Finally, Steiner promised me his promo-cd, "Vn", and since I have received that good thing it has been daily doing its rounds in my cd player. It is an utterly diverse mixture of Metal and Celtic folk music. Numerous folk instruments are used, among which, besides well-known instruments like fiddle, whistle and bagpipe, are some that I have never heard of before. What the hell is a Doppelbock for example? Besides this omnium-gatherum of partially historical instruments, the otherwise so dominant guitars make way for joyous fiddling and tooting. In my eyes, the Metal part normally has the duty of creating a solid basis. Celtic Folk music is clearly in the foreground. Quiet, dreamy passages are not rare either. But what displeases me partially is the singing, that sometimes only consists of screaming and could have been a bit more distorted for my taste. Partially, it is even being sung in the original language, being Gaul. With "r" and "Jzag", there are also two songs that are instrumental only. The first one is an improvisation, in which even the Swiss alphorn is finding ist place. "Jzag", on the other hand, is more layed upon athmosphere and is intensifying more and more. At the end though, the whole thing is growing too complex for me because of the numerous instruments. Unfortunately, this excursion is already over after entertaining 24 minutes. With "Vn", this 10-headed troup succeeded in making a very independent and imaginative work. Despite tiny little imperfections, this disc convinces in every way. One feels that the musicians are passionate about it, what makes the album appear very authentic. Original tunes and the clever use of the most diverse instruments give "Vn" an absolutely special athmosphere, which is being underlined by the well-done production. "Vn" is and remains a thrilling mixture of Metal and Celtic Folk music, which lets you discover something new with every listen. Therefore, the disc keeps what it promises. After all, "Vn" means "ecstasy of joy" in Gaul, and that is what the disc calls forth. In short, this album is a must for every Folk Metal fan. But beware: "Vn" will make you crave for more!

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