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Ревью альбома "VEN Remastered" от Schwermetall (Английский язык) (05/05/05)

On 26th June 1963 John F. Kennedy said four words of profound symbolic meaning in West Berlin. 41 years later Eluveitie did it similar to the murdered American president. Eluveitie means nothing else than I am the Helvetian!. Though the words of the Helvetic Pagan Metal Formation are actually more important to me than those of Kennedy. When I listened to the sounds of Eluveitie for the first time 1 years ago I knew that the 9 (!) ladies and gentlemen have created something which goes beyond the meaning of the words Im a Berliner in the pagan metal world. Their unique combination of celtic folk and Death Metal sound deserves to get reviewed still more than one year after the first release and in the meantime sold out version of Vn. Thanks to Dutch Label Fear Dark the EP fortunately was released in remixed form once again so that everyone can come to the enjoyment of the helvetic bardic sound. The list of used instruments on Vn on its own is readable like a poem. From irish flute to violins, helvetic bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and other authentic instruments, but also electric guitars and drums the addicted listener gets everything what a pagan heart desires. Whereas traditional instruments provide for melodies in celtic style, electrical instruments and drums are responsible for hardness and pression and thus forming a fascinating symbiosis. Vn has got one of the most powerful works that the hard music scene of Switzerland has created during the last ten years. The EP is elaborated in every single detail (for example lyrics are composed in a reconstructed form of gallic) and still fascinates the addicted listener after more than one year. Enjoy the music of the Celts UptheHorns!

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