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Ревью альбома "VEN Remastered" от Vampire Magazine (Английский язык) (03/05/05)

Gods! Vn, the re-mastered EP from the Swiss fellowship called Eluveitie (which means, by the way, I am the Helvetian) is simply the reason why I love listening to metal. Those of you who are interested in the history of the Celts know that the Celts were spread throughout the whole of Europe. The most known versions of Celtic languages are from the islands (these languages survived in the Gaelic languages of Scotland, Wales, Cornwell, Ireland and Brittany) but there are less known Celtic languages. Eluveitie dedicates their music to the continental Celtic language. It is sad to know that such a beautiful language is merely known among so few people. This sadness and this dedication to the Helvetian language and culture can be heard in every single second of this masterly EP. Of course its done by so many bands before; Celtic music combined with metal. However, Eluveitie prove themselves merely because of the dedication to the Helvetian culture which can be heard in every tiny detail of their music. Eluveitie can be named in the same row of masterly bands like Cruachan, Thyrfing, Turisas, Moonsorrow and so on. Eluveitie exists of over 10 musicians, each playing some kind of folk instrument. Irish and Helvetic bagpipes, flutes, the hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, fiddle and the bodhrn. DVrit Agge DBitu is the opening song of Vn; a powerful opener which immediately shows the many talents of this young band. Dark vocals mixed with a historic atmosphere and barbaric metal. This song contains an old druidic ceremonial invocation. r can be taken out of the soundtrack of Braveheart, the beautiful sound of bagpipes together with the sounds of thunder. Remember the scene in which William Wallaces father is buried and theyre playing a forbidden Scottish song in the night? Eluveitie is capable of radiating the very same atmosphere. Lament is a strong and aggressive song with joyous drinking-song-like elements. Well, I think Ive made my point. Vn is a genius EP of an extremely gifted band. Its a must for all paganmetal-fans. I just cant wait to hear more of Eluveitie, and fortunately theyre already working on their first full-length album.

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