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| | | Exclusive Chrigel Glanzmann Interview for Eluveitie.Ru (11.08.2008)
Exclusive Chrigel Glanzmann Interview for Eluveitie.Ru (11.08.2008)

Eluveitie.Ru (11.08.2008)

Eluveitie.Ru : How are you ?

Chrigel : Fine, thanks! Just had a day off, which is pretty seldom so I enjoyed myself. :)

Eluveitie.Ru : So, Sevan and Rafi left the band. Pade and Kay are new members now. From what you wrote on your site, we know, you know them for a while. Have you rehearsed together already ? Whats your impression ?

Chrigel : Yes, were already intensely rehearsing with them and Kay even played some shows with us already. This weekend the first shows with both of them will take place at the Summerbreeze openair in Germany and the Bloodstock openair in England!
My impression? Well, as you mentioned, I know both of them for a while, especially Pade, with whom I already played in a band once. But now with Eluveitie, I have to say that Im pretty much blown away by these two guys! I mean, I knew them as cool people and musicians. But I didnt expect such an engagement from them theyre working their fuckin asses off! So, our first impression of them is just amazing! Glad to have them with us.

Eluveitie.Ru : Ok, the next question is about PaganFest Europe/USA tour. It was your first huge tour after releasing "Slania", so what were your expectations ? Because as I know you guys have never played in USA before.

Chrigel : Yes, it was the first time for us (and for all of the bands on this tour) to play in the states, so weve been pretty exited! :) We knew that we have a little, but steadily growing fan base in the states, but we didnt know, what exactly to expect. So we just went, eager to kick some serious ass. But we were really surprised (and overwhelmed of course) by the great response we got. I mean, especially in the northern states, the concerts were extremely successful and some of them sold out! So, we were really happy with this tour!

Eluveitie.Ru : Soon you will do a couple of summer fests, will you get some more time on stage and will you change your setlist ?

Chrigel : Actually the summer festival season already began since a while, so were in the middle of playing a lot of festivals. Which we always enjoy a lot.
Regarding the playing time, that really depends in which country we play. For example, were pretty popular in Belgium and Holland (and we already played hell of a lot there), so we play some very good slots with long playing times now. Like for example at the Zwarte Cross Festival in Holland (which is with more than 100000 visitors the biggest festival, we ever played so far, by the way), where we co-headlined the metalstage. Or the Vlamrock Festival in Belgium which we will headline.
On the other hand we also play some smaller slots with shorter sets in countries were not (yet :)) very popular. Like the at the Rockin Field Openair in Italy, where we played a shorter set in the afternoon already. And according to this, we also change our setlist of course. We always try to pick out the best live songs and a good mix of old and new songs to play live.

Eluveitie.Ru : Will these summer shows be the first shows for new Eluveitie members ?

Chrigel : Yes, as mentioned. Next weekends shows will be the first concerts with Pade and Kay! Looking forward!

Eluveitie.Ru : Are you planning to shoot another video for a song of the last album "Slania" ? And are you planning to release DVD with a full show ? Maybe with the band's documentary on it or smth like that ? Are you filming some of your shows (maybe special 'camera man' on a stage who films) ?

Chrigel : No, we wont do another Slania videoclip. About such a kind of a DVD we are actually thinking, yes! But were too busy this year to do something like that. Maybe next year. But for sure we like the idea, haha. Yet, as far as I know, there will be a DVD of the Metalcamp openair 2008 in Slovenia, where we also played, with footages of all bands.

Eluveitie.Ru : I want to ask about Evocation 1 and Evocation 2. Are you still planning to release it and please tell something about these albums.

Chrigel : Yes of course we will release them! Right this moment were heavily busy with the pre-production of Evocation 1. We plan to record the album in December. What can I say about the album? I think it will be really cool very traditional and pure folk music, but on the other hand also a very modern rendition of it. I guess, there will be more than one eyebow-raising surprise in its sound, haha. Well see if people will like it or not guess its kind of an experiment! :)
If anybody would like to know more about it Id like to encourage to visit our official forum (check our website to find it). Theres a special Evocation news thread where we regularly reveal some details about the album and do diverse announcements!

Eluveitie.Ru : What song is the most different to play live ?

Chrigel : Hmm Tarvos from Slania is not easy to play. The metal-section (especially the guitarists) play some pretty challenging riffs there. Also, that fucking melody lines for the whistles and fiddle is pretty challenging to play at times. So, this song might be the most difficult one to play really tight and clean. On the other hand there are songs like Gray Sublime Archon which are quite easy to play, but rock as hell. Really love to play that song. :D

Eluveitie.Ru : What do you guys think about video and audio recordings of your concerts made by fans ? Is it OK with you when people upload your bootlegs and share it ?

Chrigel : For the first question yes there are some concrete plans! But at this moment I cant say more about this. :) For the second one yes of course were fine with that. We dont care in the end. Were happy if someone liked and enjoyed one of our concerts and thus uploads a footage.

Eluveitie.Ru : Do you attend concerts in Switzerland ? If yes, whats the last gig you attended and did you like it ? Do you remember the first concert you ever visited ?

Chrigel : Not to often. Just dont have the time to go to much concerts. And besides that I never was a bit concertgoer, haha. ;) The last one was a concert of Stiller Has a Swiss singer/songwriter (with a little band) with very satirical lyrics. Was a great concert! The first one? Uh cant really remember. I guess it was kind of small show of a Swiss underground metal band in some youth center or so.

Eluveitie.Ru : What kind of music do you prefer most ? Because if you play folk metal it doesn't mean you listen to it everytime. Am I right ? :)

Chrigel : Hahaha! Yes, youre right! Well, basically I just like good music thats maybe why I dont listen to folk metal bands, hahaha. Joking. ;)
Seriousely, Im actually enjoying lots of different music styles as mentioned, Im not fixed on one music style, but I just love really good music.
To folk metal I actually listen very seldom. Dont know many bands in this genre (most of them I just know from playing shows with them).
But I enjoy lots of good old Swedish death metal, for example the old Entombed albums. Also At The Gates, ect. Sometimes also some black metal or some good old doom. At the moment Meshuggahs latest album Obzen is playing. But I also enjoy lots of totally non-metal music. This afternoon I was a lot listening to Emilie Autumn hell, I just love this extremely gifted musician and her amazing voice! Or theres often stuff like 30 Seconds To Mars or Coldplay in my cd-player. And of course I listen to tons of traditional folkmusic. Get huge doses of that, haha.

Eluveitie.Ru : Are you engaged in something besides of playing in Eluveitie ? Do you have job maybe ?

Chrigel : Yes, for we cant really make a living from Eluveitie yet, unfortunately. So, some of us have a regular job. At the moment, at least. This will probably change. We dont know if we will be able to have regular jobs besides the band next year, for theres hell of a lot of touring planned. Lets see. :)
But besides probably a job, theres actually not much besides the band (like hobbies or so). Theres just no time for something like that.

Eluveitie.Ru : Are you guys goin for sports ? I mean if yes what kind of sport is the most interesting for each of you ?

Chrigel : Well, actually none of us is much into sports at all. ;) But some of us are doing (or just have to do, haha) some fitness/workout stuff but thats mainly just to stay in form for our (pretty energetic) live shows.

Eluveitie.Ru : Have you guys ever been in Russia (I mean like tourists or smth) ? Maybe you heard some Russian music ?

Chrigel: No, as far as I know, none of us has ever visited Russia. But I really hope we will play there soon! Yet I heard quite some Russian bands, and usually I really like them! I think, theyre often clearly above average! Lately a Russian band (Fferyllt) has even officially recorded a cover-version of our song Inis Mona, haha! Thats pretty cool.

Eluveitie.Ru : Thanks for you time. I hope we will see Eluveitie playing in Russia some day.

Chrigel : Hell yeah, I hope so too! And I thank you a lot for the interview and also thanks to all readers for their interest in our work! Our horns are raised!


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