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HelvetiosАльбом: Helvetios
Дата выхода: 10.02.2012
Формат: Полноформатный
Лейбл: Nuclear Blast

Santonian Shores
Scorched Earth
Meet The Enemy
A Rose For Epona
The Upraising
Hope (инструментал)
The Siege

Время звучания: 59:08


Текст Prologue
When I reminisce about all those years, I see many things.
Life and death strung together like the mountains and valleys in which we lived.
There was wealth and opulence, but also tribulation and loss.
There was laughter and song, and there was also tears.
But even more than tears, blood was shed.
And so many were left to their unadorned graves, unburied.
But to us, death was but another journey.
And close by the darkness through which we strode, there was also light.
The light of life and immortality.
And after all, when I reminisce about those years, I mostly remember our songs.
We sang... as if to drown out the sound of clashing swords, as if the battle cries fell silent...
because war had lost it's meaning.

Текст Helvetios
Secos Brigos

From antumnos the life-giving winds
Fanned the flames into a blaze
The awen of the mighty

By the force of Succellus sledge
By every impact of Ogmios club
With Bricta's invincible epiphany

A tribe arose
A tribe broke forth

Cause we're born free
Cause we're born wild
Cause we are indomitable and bold
Cause we are fire (brave)
Cause we are wave (strong)
Cause we are rock (tribe)
We are one - we are helvetios

The ears tethered to the divine tongue
Following the ancient wise
As laughter fills antumnos

Drinking from the cup of life
The well that's never running dry
We wandered into the light of day

Again Taranis enthean wheel revolved
From antumnos life was upheaved

By the force of Succelus sledge
By every impact of Ogmios club
With Bricta's invincible epiphany

Текст Luxtos
At the rise of a new dawn
Rose the children of the sun
To inhabit a kingdom
Augustly crowned in rock mass vast

All lakes are sanowaries
Live covent nemetors
All forests are hallowed
Blest groves of an invictus tribe

Nertom woloutom que
Etsi snis Karamos-e
Nertom woloutom que etsi snis
Emmos snis riyi emmo snis
Widomor-e Karamos-e
Emos snis riyi emmos snis andrometi
Nertom woloutom que etsi snis
Emmos snis riyi emmos snis

A kingly tribe sublime
Arose in its golden time
In a prosperous era
The age primodrial reign

A horde of untameables
Invincible Armada
A dashing bold host
Of venturous fearnaughts

Текст Home
In these vigilant times I daydream - an innocuous crime
My motionless stance - in my mind, I wander the land
A bleak, dismal trance

Constrained, unsafe, left in shame
And now I can see my town is painted red
Here forever I'll be where once my tears were shed

On that day, in our place I recall the smell of the rain
And I'd protect you from them if you want me to take
Take you there again

Good night my love, let me watch you sleep from here or above
Words like these won't leave this place
Be haunted by our trace, the trace of our...

The home they want call their own
But for the air that I breathe, the dreams and divine
The memories I'll bring to
A place far from home
The home they want to call province of Rome
I'm trapped without guards, within a state I can't grasp
But we're still free

I am waiting for the clouds to part, all in vain
Nature forsaken
Once admired by us all, does it know we're scared
Scared to move, scared to wake, scared just to be who we were
What matters is just you and me and the path that leads us...

Encircled by friends, the pressure deepens
Dazed by illusions, my reason weakens
But I won't let you fall into deep forlornness
I won't let you ponder the why in distress
A mechanical smile as I lift my face towards the sun
And return to denial

I weep as I kiss the ground, the trees that I'll soon miss
The songs we sang will ring out, the memories will resound

Текст Santonian Shores
We packed the wagons
A thing arranged, there is no turning back
The time has come
All to soon
A stab allthrough my heart

The afterglow
Glimmered on the roof of our homestead
We rode the nightfall at hand
Believe set out into the dark

In this night the fires roared
As fields were set ablaze
It rained ash from the sky
In a flaring hiss at night

Fromward the land we knew
Off to far and distant shores
Towards a safe haven
Off ot these santonian shores

At the set of the sun
As mist billowed over the land
We got under way
Wandering towards our hopes
I rode aqhile and looked back
Gazed into the sea of flames
Laying waste what we called home
I won't see this place again

A cortege as far as the eye can see
A vast migrant parade
The glow of a distant dream
The awakening came nigh
Under a starlit sky
Dreams within our hearts
Step by step we marched
Away into the night

Текст Scorched Earth
Nu noxs ponc ro-duaxse
Noxs uedaca atro-brogi
Dera laucint in nemisi
Niula noxtos cruo-samali
Roudi loucint are tanisa belia

Nu tegisa ne seiu bisionti
Magisa anska nu loscenti
Noxt nu uer ni ateddi
Baregon nouion duaxsati

Dunon eddi aidulegos
Treba ansra nu eddi onnas
Druco-critus me gabici
Rac senoxs auagomos
Aus, aue, inte noxtin

Now the night has come
The last night in our homeland
Stars glimmer on the firnament
The clouds of the night seem blood like
Red they shine of the bright fires

Our homesteads are now no more
Our fields are now turning
The night is now on us
A new dawn will come

Our village is now a fireplace
Our home is now ashes
Shivering I am
For tonight we go away
Away, away into the night

Текст Meet The Enemy
There at these omnious shores of river Sane
There at these shores the die has been cast
Valour and honour were stripped off their meaning
We will not know innocence again

At somber nightfall the defenseless were bestially run down
Sane stained with helvetic blood
You will not shake hands with arrant beliers
You'd rather die than turn into minions

Freedom was our highest good
We ventured our lives

Meet the liar
This dead black night
Our destiny revealed
Meet the enemy
It will never be the same
At these portentous shores of river Sane
There at these shores the die has been cast
We saw the true face of the Roman ravener
The gorgoneion on the cuirass appeared

It was like playing Ludus Latrunculorum
Pieces were made of flesh and of blood
Valour and honour bereft of their meaning
The blood on your hands will forever stay

Freedom was our highest good
We ventured our lives

Meet the liar
This dead black night
Our destiny revealed
Meet the enemy
It will never be the same

It's not us to go under the Yoke
Of that fact the Roman people are witness
We will not bow!

Meet the enemy
Meet the liar
Meet the enemy

Текст Neverland
Behold this proud
Crestfallen parade

Dead bodies towered up like this dividing rampart
The hopes of yesterday forgotten and interred
Burtn to the ground

Lacerate my neverland belauded
My otherworld elapsed
My silver luning

Another falce sawn collapsed
A glimpse of our safe home
Perished in Bibracte

Another hope dearly payed
When we all were betrayed
The end of our exodus

Behold this egregious mockery
We refused to bow down
Our own godsdamn blood was the price we had to pay
Santones land we never got to see

When the fiends come marching in

Текст A Rose For Epona
Do you feel the thorns?
Do you see the tears?
Do you see the blood shed in this fell war?
Have you forsaken us?
Have you forgotten our faithful men calling your name?

While I stand before you
While we perish
While I lay down a crimson rose
While holding hands
Are forced apart
While hopes bog like condemned men

Were you there?

The sky is falling on me
As your hand's turning old and weak
I'm giving myself up to thee
A futile sacrifice gone sere

In your nemeton
These grey stone walls
Are cold and silent
As the fallen
Mother gone deaf
Mistress of shattered hopes
And forever broken dreams

Were you there?

The sky is falling on me
As your hand's turning old and weak
I'm giving myself up to thee
A futile sacrifice gone sere

Epo, epo why hast thou forsaken me?
Together we go unsung
Into thy hand I commend my spirit
Together we go down with our people

Were you there? Were you there?

The sky is falling on me
As your hand's turning old and weak
I'm giving myself up to thee
A futile sacrifice gone sere
Falling on me...

Текст Havoc
I wonder
What it's like
To attack at night
And mow down the defenseless
Invasions and raids just called
Fucking Punitive Expeditions

Like a wildfire
Devastation spreads
Across the Gallia
From Helvetia to Eburonia
The ravener's insatiate

Think of yesterday
A mass illusion: how could it come this far?
Our dormant minds were not prepared for this

Narbonensis was not enough
The empire needed more
From aremonica to caruntia
Plagued and war-ridden land

Wars inflicted on free Gallia
An organised downfall
A black cloud of imperial
Rapancity Unleashed

Imperial needs are met
At bloody cost of free tribes
Invasion, raid and war atrocity
In the name of S.P.Q.R.

Текст The Upraising
Our estates are under fire
Our villers fall prey to pillage
How can we stay on the sideline
How long will we take this lying down?
Refuse to quell the anger
Time has come to take up arms again
The last call to rise up

This is the flash of our last hope
Will you ally with us?
Wake up - open your eyes
Reach out
And seize this golden venture

We've lost ourselves in strife
While the raptor unopposedly
Clatus at Gallia's free lands
We have to call a halt this
Unite the tribes and rise
Take a look around yourself
And see this time in ours
The last call to rise up

Our lands are under fire
Our villers fall prey to pillage
How can we stay on the sideline
How long will we take this lying down?
It is time to join forces
Let the eagles beak burst on our shields
Unite! This is Gallia Uprising!

Chieftains! The eagles empire stretched out it's talons for our lands.
Bribing us. Threatening us.
Today we are gathered here, all my countrymen, and still some of you hesitate.
You are so solicitous about your state in the roman empire,
and while you fight among yourselves for rome's favour,
an eve greater vision is crying out to be seen:
a country of our own, a free Gaul.
Let us stand against the eagle! Unite the tribes!

Текст The Seige
Scorched earth we left
A barren land of ash
Our fatherland laid waste
Be the void our fucking monument

At a laden dawn
At this omnous morn

Pila loomed on the horizon
Talons of the wolverine
Exanimate legions formed
At the very gates of avaricum
Believed invulnerable
This Gallic wall
But straight out of nowhere
Before our eyes this godsdman bane arose

Thus avaricum burns
Under a dead sky
Avaricum drowns
In blood and demise

Siege towers emerged
Protruding from the ground
Standing out against the threatening sky
As if to mock all valiantness
Face to face with an eye levelled enemy
Serried Roman ranks
Embattled upon our hold

Cut off and trapped inside
As the carnage was a hand
As the creak of the winches extolled our doom
The slaughter befell avaricum
Death siffered the oppidum
Left to pillage sack and rape
Avaricum the brave became avaricum the grave

Текст Alesia
The grass was as green as it always was
That sinister day
The blackbird sang their songs as they always did
That black-letter day
The day we passed the great gate for the very last time
I did not look back, I knew we'd stay

I knew they would not let us go
Leave the death strip
I saw the gleam in their eyes of fear and enslavement
Suffering from the crushing weight

Beloveth ground take me home

Alseia Alisanos
Wake me when I'm gone
Ianotouta Eternity
Our barren sacrifice

On that ground we cherished life
We embraced death
As the children's cries trailed off
Sob yielded deathly hush

The grass was as green as it always was
That sinister day
As we walked the alleys like thousand times before
I kew we'd stay

Outside Alesia
We offered a living sacrifice
Ourside the doors of Alesia
Where our tears run dry

Текст Tullianum
And so it all ends
With just a noose
Fly raven, fly

Текст Uxellodunon
This is the final resistance
This was the final revolt

In desperate hope
With tear-dimmed eyes
With wrath-torn minds
We took up arms one more time
Oh the last stand
The freddom manifesto

We will never forget
The things we've seen
The deaths we died
The tears we cried

We will never regter
We defied
We wiil raise our amr stubs in pride
We will never perish

Our cut off hands
Proclaimed grandeur
Land can be taken but
Dignity's impregnable

Fortress of free men
Shining beacon of indomitability

Bearing witness of freedom
Witness of our names, cause we will never...

immi uiros rios toutias rii

Out from the ashes
Out from the graves
The offspring of antumnos
Will arise to life again
Oh the last stand
The freedom manifesto

Текст Epilogue
When I reminisce about all those years of tribulation,
I mostly remember our songs.
We died, and our blood seeped away on the battlefields;
but our songs survived, together with those of us that returned.
And as they too will die one day, our songs will live on,
and will be sung by our children,
and by our children's children.
This is how we will be remembered.
This is who we were.


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